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No Surprise If The New York Mets Are Idle At Deadline

For as far back as I can remember being a New York Mets fan, I can not recall ownership making any type of viable splash in the MLB trade deadline market. Each year, the Mets start out looking as if they are a piece or two away from contention.  Each year, Mets fans are left shaking their head in disbelief at their cursed franchise.  Take 2009 for example, as Fred and Jeff Wilpon passed on bolstering their pitching with the likes of John Lackey, then a pitcher for the Los Angeles Angels.  The player they decided to spend their money on in the offseason instead?  None other than fan favorite Jason Bay, of course.  The pitchers they were comfortable going with as starters?  None other than Oliver Perez and John Maine.  Ouch.

Then of course we all remember the constant rumors of a certain power hitting second baseman in 2005-2006 whom the Mets were continuously linked. That player was none other than Alfonso Soriano, who got traded from the Texas Rangers to the Washington Nationals and had a monster year that led to a large contract with the Chicago Cubs.  That’s alright though, because second base was neatly patrolled by none other than Kaz Matsui and Jose Valentin that year until the Mets made their next big hit in 2007.  That is when they got their man in Luis Castillo.

How about going back to 2003 when All-Star outfielder Vladimir Guerrero was available and would have been a tremendous addition to the club? Names have come and gone over the years and will undoubtedly leave a bad taste in fans mouths towards ownership.  Players such as Alex Rodriguez, Manny Ramirez, Roy Oswalt, Orlando Hudson, Barry Zito(never mind, what was I thinking?) and many others have been passed on by one regime or the next. When is it the Mets turn?  Is there any wonder that ESPN Insider Adam Rubin posted on Twitter today that “Terry Collins said he expects roster to be the same tomorrow, after trading deadline passes”?

It is the same old story for New York Mets fans and it is no wonder that they will remain idle at the trade deadline.  Sandy Alderson has his work cut out for him if he truly believes he can mold this club into playoff contention.  A catcher, one or two guys for the bullpen and a one way ticket for Outer Mongolia for Jason Bay.  Is that really a lot to ask from the fans?  When it comes to the Wilpons, I guess it is.


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