2012 MLB Trade Deadline: Winners and Losers of the Non-Waiver Deadline

By Bryan Lutz

The 2012 MLB Trade Deadline has come and gone and we have seen multiple deals that have turned some teams around. Of course, today wasn’t the only day we saw trades that were affiliated with the deadline, seeing as some major deals happened weeks ago. But with the deadline passing, we can finally see the final product for a lot of contenders. Even though trades can still happen through the waiver process, those deals are a lot harder to complete.

Now, we can look at the winners and losers at the deadline. I know a lot of people claim some teams are losers just because they sell; however, I don’t think that way. I believe the true losers are the ones that missed an opportunity to buy, or sold to low on some of their players.

Although there are more than three winners and losers from the 2012 MLB Trade Deadline, I decided to leave it at three. So without further adieu, let’s recap what we have seen the past month by declaring the three winners and losers of the 2012 MLB Trade Deadline.


Los Angeles Dodgers: Ned Colletti isn’t a very good general manager, but you wouldn’t know it from this year’s deadline. The Dodgers – who were in desperate need of a face-lift – got just that acquiring Hanley Ramirez and Shane Victorino. These two moves give the Dodgers one of the better lineups in the National League and allows them to construct a more conventional batting order. With a healthy Matt Kemp, their 3-4-5 is one that can carry the Dodgers all the way to the NL West title.

Chicago White Sox: Similar to Ned Colletti, Kenny Williams has a lot of critics. But this season, Kenny Williams may be doing his best work and is a front-runner for executive of the year. Williams has filled three of the White Sox biggest needs with Kevin Youkilis, Brett Myers, and Francisco Liriano without giving up anyone worth a hoot. To acquire three difference makers with little to no farm to speak of tells me Kenny Williams must be a smooth talker and an expert dumpster diver.

Los Angeles Angels: Not only did they acquire Zack Greinke for – in my opinion – not all that much, but Greinke might be interested in re-upping with the Halos. A rotation of Weave-Greinke-Wilson-Haren is absolutely filthy.


Milwaukee Brewers: The Brewers traded a quarter for three nickels. Zack Greinke was easily the top name on the market with Cole Hamels staying with the Phillies, and that’s the best Milwaukee could get? Cool, they got two Future’s Game players, but they traded for need, which is a classic mistake when rebuilding. Jean Segura is a .780 MiLB shortstop who might move to second base, and the two pitchers coming back are nothing special whatsoever. But the Brewers wanted a infielder, with Segura they get that.

Miami Marlins: Putting the Marlins as losers isn’t so much about the deals they made; they were actually decent deals. But they are on here because how their season has shaped up. The Marlins finally spent money in the off-season, and it didn’t even take half a season of failing before they unloaded a lot of that payroll. Getting what they got back for Hanley Ramirez, Anibal Sanchez, and Omar Infante was pretty decent, but watching them sell so fast brings a tear of happiness to my eye. Up yours, Ozzie.

Arizona Diamondbacks: Sadly, I picked the Diamondbacks to win the World Series. Thanks to underperformers and injuries, they are sitting third in the National League West, but are only 3.5 games back. Considering the Dodgers and Giants improved themselves, one would expect the Diamondbacks to counter. Granted, Chris Johnson should help the team, but I doubt Scott Podsednik puts them over the top. The best chance for Arizona to improve is praying Justin Upton and company remember they are good players. Also, it’s kind of a buzzkill seeing Arizona do nothing when they had big rumors surrounding them the last 24 hours.

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