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Chicago Cubs Trade Ryan Dempster To The Texas Rangers

It may have taken longer than most people thought, but Ryan Dempster has finally been traded by the Chicago Cubs.  The Cubs have shipped the starting pitcher to the Texas Rangers for prospects.  This move certainly helps both teams going forward.

For a couple of days, it looked like the Cubs were not going to be able to move Dempster.  The closer it got to the deadline, the more people worried that the Cubs would end up holding on to him.  Luckily, both sides came to an agreement and got this thing done.

The Rangers needed a starting pitcher that was not going to cost too much in the way of prospects.  Ryan Dempster might not be the best pitcher on the market, but he is going to help the Rangers a lot.  He has been pitching great this year, but he is due for a bit of regression.  Even if that is factored in, he is still going to help the Rangers make a push for the playoffs.

The Cubs simply need young pitching prospects to help rebuild the farm system.  They don’t plan on competing for a couple of years so the more young arms they can get, the better.  There is no need to keep veterans on the team, as they won’t be contending for a playoff spot any time soon.  The young kids they get in a trade might just end up being the cornerstones of the team for years to come.

Expect the Cubs to make more moves as the trade deadline moves closer.  They still have a lot of veterans to trade off and they could add a lot more prospects in the coming days.  Contending this year or next year is an afterthought, so adding prospects is what the Cubs are after.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.