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Chicago White Sox Announce Pitcher John Danks Is Out For The Season

John Danks was supposed to be the anchor of the Chicago White Sox pitching staff but a shoulder injury kept him from pitching well and now it will keep him out for the season.  The Sox were hoping to get him back late in the year but he will probably end up having surgery now.

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With John Danks being out for the year, the Sox will have to depend more and more on Chris Sale and Jake Peavy to get them through the season.  Sale has never pitched this many innings and Peavy is always an injury risk.  Not exactly something that is going to build confidence for Sox fans in the days coming.

They currently lead the AL Central but that lead is not very big and it could fall apart at any time.  Kenny Williams did a great job of going out and finding players to fill holes and hopefully the pitching is able to withstand this announcement.  John Danks was working on a comeback but that is going to be cut short now.

John Danks inked a big deal in the offseason so he better be able to come back from this.  Otherwise, the Sox have a lot of money tied up in a guy with a pretty bad shoulder issue.  Not exactly a good thing in the long run.  In fact, this is why the team never likes tying up money in pitchers.  They can get hurt too easily and then you are stuck paying big money to them.

The Sox can still make a run this season but they are going to have to do it without their opening day starter.  It is a big hurdle to climb but this team has shocked a lot of people.  A couple more doubters won’t stop them.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.