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Cincinnati Reds Go with Relief Pitching in Trade

The Cincinnati Reds were pursuing a number of possibilities in trades leading up to the trade deadline at 4pm today.  They looked at Shane Victorino, Juan Pierre and very hard at Denard Span, but when all was said and done, the Cincinnati Reds decided to make a move no one expected.  They picked up Jonathan Broxton, the closer for the Kansas City Royals and gave up a couple of minor leaguers.

Broxton arrives in an already crowded and splendid bullpen bringing a 1-2 record with a 2.27 ERA with 23 saves, 14 walks and 25 strikeouts in 35 games as the closer for a Kansas City.

According to the Cincinnati Reds website, the Reds’ general manager, Walt Jocketty, said this about the trade,  “We have several deals for position players that we looked at. In the end, we just felt we liked what we had.  The deals just didn’t make sense for us, so we focused on pitching. We said at the beginning we were looking for a leadoff hitter, a cleanup hitter and bench help or try to strengthen our pitching. The position-player deals just weren’t right for us. We felt good having an arm like Broxton.”

According to rumors, some in the Cincinnati Reds’ organization have worried about the struggles the Reds’ bullpen have had over the last week or so of play.  They still lead MLB with a 2.66 ERA and 20 victories.  However, they have had their troubles lately.

The role that Broxton will play remains a little unclear to the fans outside of the Reds’ organization.  It appears that Broxton will be a set-up man for Aroldis Chapman most of the time.  He also appears to be the choice when Chapman has appeared in several games in a row and needs the rest, but the Reds still need a proven closer.

Stay tuned for more MLB Rumors as the Reds continue their push for the playoffs.