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Kansas City Royals Trade Jonathan Broxton To The Cincinnati Reds

Jonathan Broxton might have been the best bullpen arm available and he is headed to the Cincinnati Reds.  The Kansas City Royals have decided to trade their closer for prospects.  This move helps both teams as the Reds are still gearing up for that playoff push.

The bullpen in Cincy is now flat out scary.  Jonathan Broxton is not going to be counted on to be a big star for them.  He just needs to pitch well in the seventh and eighth which makes him that much better.  This move shows how good the Reds think their chances of making noise this year are.

They had to make a move as teams around them were also gearing up to make a push.  This move was not really rumored but the Reds decided to make their strength even stronger.  They still could use some offense but adding a guy like Jonathan Broxton will help the team win some very low scoring games.  Nothing wrong with that.

The Royals are still stuck in perpetual rebuilding mode.  They have never been able sync up their young talent at the same time.  They have a ton of hitters but there is no one on that team who can pitch consistently.  Moving Jonathan Broxton will hopefully get some young players that can help the Royals in the future.  Being stuck in the cellar year after year is not a good thing for that franchise.

This move shows that the Reds are going to be a force to deal with this year.  Jonathan Broxton makes them that much scarier.  Not good for other NL teams.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.