MLB Rumors: Cincinnati Reds Interested in Philadelphia Phillies Outfielder Juan Pierre

By Carl Conrad

With today’s 4pm trade deadline looming large, trade talks are heating up in most MLB front offices.  The Philadelphia Phillies, expected to major players before the deadline, are no exception.  With a plethora of players garnering interested from other clubs, the Phillies have some tough decisions to make in just a few short hours.

One of the players who experts speculate will be moved is outfielder Juan Pierre, who has produced fairly well for the Phillies in 2012, hitting over .300.  Philadelphia brought him in to fill a need, and he has done that admirably.  However, Pierre is not much more than a temporary solution at this point in his career, and the Phillies are looking to move him while he still has some value on the trade market.

The most likely landing spot for Pierre is with the Cincinnati Reds, who are in desperate need of an outfielder they can insert at the top of their lineup.  The Reds have spent a great deal of time scouting Pierre and other Phillies in the past few weeks, and he would fill a need for them.  Whether or not a deal will get done before the deadline has yet to be seen, and it obviously depends on the compensation Philadelphia is looking for in exchange for the 34 year old left-handed outfielder.  In addition, the Reds are likely looking for someone to be an everyday center fielder, something which Pierre has not done in quite some time.

So far on the season, Pierre is hitting .306 with 1 homerun and 19 RBI in 84 games, in addition to his .346 OBP.  Pierre’s left handed bat could be a nice addition at the top of the Cincinnati lineup, but the Reds must decide if the downgrade in the field is worth the offensive production.


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