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New York Mets Quiet at Trade Deadline

The New York Mets remained silent at the trade deadline this year, just one year removed from shipping veteran Carlos Beltran to San Francisco and opting to keep Jose Reyes, Mets general manager Sandy Alderson was quiet this trade deadline.

Entering the all star break, the Mets were 46-40 and were considered “buyers” by everybody in the organization. However, after suffering another second half swoon, the Mets have fallen out of contention and didn’t see themselves as buyers or sellers.

Stuck in limbo, Alderson addressed the media in a conference call at 4:30pm (a half hour after the deadline).

I’m not sure we ever totally changed course. Being buyers has different connotations, most strongly having to do with the current season. If you go back and review the chronology of the last month, you realize that things changed pretty rapidly from just before the All-Star break and certainly right after the All-Star break until just the last four or five days. So in terms of being aggressively buying for 2012, certainly things changed during that period of time, and very swiftly. At the same time, we continued to look for opportunities to improve the team both this year and in 2013. And in some cases even looking at rental players that would have only helped us in 2012. We didn’t give up on the buying activity at all. But certainly we ended up with a more modest agenda.” said Alderson.

Earlier in the month, with closer Frank Francisco sidelined with an oblique injury, Mets fans were hollering for Alderson to make a move for a reliever like Huston Street or Francisco Rodriguez. When asked about his inaction in mid-July about a high quality closer, the general manager claimed “There really wasn’t availability.”

When asked about Monday night’s hero Scott Hairston, Alderson indicated that there were three different teams that had interest in Hairston but feels,“…he’s a very important part of our team.” 

Alderson did leave the meeting on a high note about the season, and delivered a very positive message to Mets fans.

“I think there’s a lot of value in, for example, making a run, even if it’s unrealistic. I think there’s a lot of value, for example, in finishing well over .500. I think there’s a lot of value in finishing over .500. I think those things create a perception. What happened or didn’t happen on the deadline may be largely forgotten if a team is able to create a positive impression the second half of the season.” 

Alderson made the right decision at this year’s trade deadline. He believes that a strong finish will do a lot more for the organization than continue to rebuild. After fans were screaming for the Mets to trade Scott Hairston and Tim Byrdak, the GM decided to hold onto those pieces, maybe the man has a couple of tricks up his sleeve, maybe Hairston and Byrdak are in the plans for the future. Maybe Alderson’s silence is indicative of his current squad. Maybe Alderson believes this team can make a run. Maybe, just maybe the GM is thinking his team is good enough for October baseball.

Maybe…I’m ahead of myself.


Special thanks to Adam Rubin for several quotes