Philadelphia Phillies Trade Hunter Pence To The San Francisco Giants

By Riley Schmitt

Hunter Pence has been rumored to go to the San Francisco Giants for a couple of days but now it appears to be done.  The Philadelphia Phillies have moved the outfielder in order to gain some prospects and to hopefully retool their roster.

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Nothing has gone right for the Phillies this year so the trade of Hunter Pence makes a lot of sense.  They needed to start over.  They will be able to rebuild with some prospects after they have spent a lot of the last few years trading prospects for major league players.  That has backfired this year but the rebuild should help the team.

This move is good for both teams because the Giants needed an outfielder and the Phillies just needed to start from scratch.  The Giants have to match what other teams are doing if they want to contend for a playoff spot or an eventual title.  You can not win by sitting back and doing nothing.  Getting Pence shows that they are ready to do what it takes to win.

This deal might just fall apart at the end but it sounds like Hunter Pence is gone.  It has been rumored for a little bit now but the Phillies had to make the move.  It helps start the rebuild now instead of dragging through the rest of the season.  If the young guys they get are ready to go, they could be back contending next year.  Not a bad thing right there.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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