Philadelphia Phillies Trade Shane Victorino To Los Angeles Dodgers For Josh Lindblom

By Riley Schmitt

Shane Victorino might just be the first domino to fall for the Philadelphia Phillies.  The team has struggled this year and will probably not make the playoffs, so they are in sell mode.  Shane Victorino has been moved to the Los Angeles Dodgers, who just happen to be the most aggressive team at this deadline.

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Nothing has seemed to click in Philly this year so they had to move some pieces in order to fix up the farm system a bit.  They have always been aggressive and it has cost them some prospects the last couple of years.  This move helps them build toward the future, which isn’t a bad thing.

The Dodgers apparently love their new owners as they have been trying to improve the team all July.  They are out there trying to make as many deals as possible in order to be ready for a playoff push.  Can’t ever fault a team for being aggressive.  If the players go out and play like they are capable of, the Dodgers might end up being a threat in the National League.

There might be more moves from these two teams in the coming hours.  The Phillies still have some pieces they can move while the Dodgers are certainly not done dealing yet.  In fact, they might end up being the most active team in a number of years.  They have already brought in two players and by the end of the day, it could end up being around five pieces that they have brought in.

Shane Victorino has been a good player for Philly but he just does not fit into their future plans.  He gets to take his talents to the team that originally drafted him and he gets to play in a playoff race.  Not a bad move for him either.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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