Alfonso Soriano: Could Be A Great Trade Chip In August

Alfonso Soriano is having a very nice season for the Chicago Cubs offensively. Even though must baseball fans (who aren’t educated) can’t seem to believe he’s turned himself into an above average left fielder this year as well- as he’s really worked on his game out there.

With that being said, Alfonso Soriano could be the most sought after waiver wire trade for any team in contention. Yes, I know. He has a ton of money owed to him (44 million over 2 years) left on his absurd contract. The Cubs are going to pick most of that up regardless, but teams will be getting themselves a middle of the order power hitter because Soriano can still hit.

He’s healthy and running the bases very well, so what’s not to like? As much as dumb baseball fans want to believe in “reputation” in regards to Soriano’s defense, he’s going to surprise an organization when they stick him out there.

Soriano has said he’d go to 2 west coast teams (Both in Los Angeles), and would block a team to everyone else out there. That leaves a ton of options in the midwest and east coast that could need a bat in August, especially if someone gets hit by the injury bug. The Detroit Tigers were trying to get something done, but ran out of time. The Tampa Bay Rays could use some thunder in their lineup. The New York Yankees are banged up by injuries and could use another bat. The Los Angeles Angels are all in, so why not?

Again, Alfonso Soriano is an outstanding option for any organization this year needing some thunder. I’d be shocked if the Cubs don’t get something done.