Theo Epstein Defends Ryan Dempster In Blocked Atlanta Braves Trade

Not that it matters anymore, but Theo Epstein has publicly defended Ryan Dempster in regards to the Chicago Cubs trade to the Atlanta Braves for Randall Delgado that didn’t happen.

Epstein told Dempster in advance that he may have to make a decision on the Braves’ offer a few days in advance of the agreement on July 23 .

“ ’I know you have been thinking about it. Keep thinking about (the Braves) for a couple of days,’ “ Epstein said he told Dempster. “Then the story leaked and Ryan never got the opportunity for more than an hour to fully contemplate Atlanta with the deal actually in place.” -Theo Epstein

Dempster was told by the media covering the Cubs that the trade was already on the Braves’ website.

“I feel for him,” Epstein said. “He didn’t have time to contemplate it, and he had everyone telling him what to do. It became a nuisance for him. I think it is really hard to be critical of Ryan, but he certainly wasn’t blindsided because we had been telling him for days that Atlanta was a very likely destination and pretty soon we would have to (move) on our position and make a final decision.”

Supposedly, the media found out about the trade and reported that Dempster had said yes, than changed his mind. Regardless- that to me is null and void. Ryan Dempster gave the Cubs front office the go ahead for the Atlanta Braves, and so they did. When it went down, Ryan Dempster is the one that ruined that day. He shouldn’t have “needed time” if he had given the Cubs permission to seek a trade with Atlanta.

All in all- Theo Epstein is trying to do the right thing here, and not throwing Ryan Dempster under the bus- but Ryan Dempster is responsible for the Cubs not maximizing his value.

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