Are The Arizona Diamondbacks Still The Favorite In the West?

With the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants both severely upgrading their team, the Arizona Diamondbacks were really caught holding the bag at the deadline. The Diamondbacks were rumored to be dangling Justin Upton in a blockbuster for Seattle Mariners star Felix Hernandez, Justin Upton to the Chicago Cubs in a deal for Matt Garza, and another “star” right hander that wasn’t named.

Nothing came of all the talks, and the Diamondbacks made a small trade trading left handed pitcher Craig Breslow to the Boston Red Sox for Scott Podsednik and right hander Matt Albers. Kind of a weird move to me, but whatever- they know their personal better than I do.

With all that being said, the question asked is simple. Are the Arizona Diamondbacks still favored to win the West. I say yes ONLY on one stipulation. Justin Upton gets hot and carries this club offensively over the next 8 weeks. If Justin Upton continues to struggle, the Arizona Diamondbacks will NOT make the postseason this year as the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants are both better than this team now.

The Diamondbacks have a ton of young pitching, but that’s what it is- young. The inexperience could show up a little bit as the pressures of the playoffs most likely will impact some of these guys. There’s nothing wrong with that as Arizona is starting to put together a system of talent that could run the West for a long time.

I never want to count a team out, but the Diamondbacks are going to have to step up their game on the field for the rest of the year and it all comes down to the young shoulders of Justin Upton. I think he’s got the talent to do it, but his struggles this year- nothing is guaranteed there.

We’ll see what happens but I’m looking forward to the sprint to the finish line.

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  • Steve


    Sorry but I think you’ve got it wrong in a lot of places.

    First, who has been carrying this time for the last 8 weeks? Kubel, Goldschmidt, Hill, Montero, Parra, Bloomquist, and Miley. What on EARTH makes you think we HAVE to get Upton going when we’re on a hot streak now without him? Do I hope he gets better? Sure, but we don’t NEED him to get hot.

    Second, the Dodgers and Giants aren’t nearly as good as the DBacks when it comes to run differential. The DBacks are outscoring their opponent by leaps and bounds now that the offense has started going good. We have 7 players with a .280+ BA. Kubel, Upton, Montero, Parra, Goldschmidt, Hill, and Bloomquist. Give me 7 Dodgers or 7 Giants with that high of a BA… even AFTER the trades.

    Lastly, you say they’re young and therefor inexperienced. Umm… no. Lots of these guys have experience going into the playoffs. 2007, and 2011. Just because they’re young doesn’t mean they’re inexperienced. Upton has been in the league over 6 years already! He’s practically a veteran.

    • gilgerard


      I strongly disagree for two reasons.

      1) None of that matters when the Giants and Dodgers both made their offense better. I just don’t think Hill, Bloomquist, Parra, and Kubel will continue that pace and again- they’ll need their big gun (Upton) to get hot to win the division. If those guys cool off as I predict, and Upton doesn’t get going- I think AZ will fade down the stretch.

      2) You have a young pitching staff. One playoff series in 2011 doesn’t make someone experienced. It’s several.