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MLB Philadelphia Phillies

Cliff Lee Placed on Waivers

The Philadelphia Phillies have decided to show their hand by moving Cliff Lee to waivers.

Now that Lee is on waivers, he can be picked up by teams, but he won’t be. His salary is way too high for starters. He’s earning $21.5 million this year and then $25 million the next three years and an option for an additional fifth year. That’s an incredibly large amount of money.

No, the Phillies are putting Lee on waivers so that when he clears the waivers, he can be traded by the Phillies after the July 31 trade deadline.

This opens up a whole new scenario surrounding Cliff Lee and the Phillies and further confirms the Philles have given up. A year after winning 102 games, the Phillies are 47-57 and 14.5 games behind in the NL East. They are done and now will try to rebuild.

The Phillies will have to eat a large amount of Lee’s contract if they expect to trade him for prospects and good luck with that.

It is sad that Lee chose to become a Philly again rather than sign with Texas a year ago. Cliff Lee was lured in by the idea of being part of the best rotation in baseball with himself, Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt, Cole Hamels, and Joe Blanton commanding the mound in Philly.

The Phillies went from being a dream to a nightmare within a year. Now Cliff Lee is going to either finish his career in Philly with little hope for a championship run or he will be traded for the fourth time in his career.