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Josh Hamilton, Ron Washington suggest his recent slump is due to off-the-field issues

A little over a month ago, Texas Rangers slugger, Josh Hamilton, was having an outstanding season. At one point, he was hitting lights-out, leading the  MLB in home runs. Now here we are, a month later, and even his hometown fans have resorted to booing him when he steps up to the plate.

He’s in a slump. It happens. It certainly doesn’t mean he deserves to be booed by his own fans. It’s not like he is trying to play poorly.

But could there be more to Hamilton’s poor performance of late than just your average slump?

Perhaps so.

Over the weekend, Hamilton shared his thoughts with the media, indicating there are certainly some issues he is dealing with outside of the game, immediately raising concerns considering his past demons including drugs and alcohol. He said:

The frustrating part is dealing with (the media) and not being able to share everything with you guys. When the time is right, you guys will be right in the loop.

Then today, when Rangers’ manager Ron Washington was asked about Hamilton’s statement, he refused to give answers, but instead stated that Hamilton is going to have to be the one to do the talking. Nevertheless, he too indicated that there is something else going on.

It has nothing to do with injuries. Josh is the one that made the statement and got all the inquiries going, and I think Josh is the one that has to put a rest to the inquiries, not Ron Washington. I can just tell you one thing: It is not because he’s hurt.

As humans, we all want to rush to judgment and make guesses as to what could be bothering Hamilton so badly that it has affected his play so greatly.

But honestly, I am not sure it’s any of our business. Clearly, Hamilton is going through a trying time outside the game, and it’s clear that he isn’t ready to talk about it. Yes, it may be affecting his play on the baseball field but to be fair, some things are just bigger than baseball.

Right now, whatever it is, Hamilton just needs to focus on his life outside the game. Once he does that, the rest will take care of itself.