MLB Rumors: Cubs Planning On Benching Bryan LaHair In Favor Of Brett Jackson?

The Chicago Cubs did quite a bit at the trade deadline to improve their minor league system. I gave it a B personally, and it was unfortunate they couldn’t unload Bryan LaHair. As I’ve said for awhile now, this guy is not capable of handling 500-600 AB’s in the major leagues. He’s a Micah Hoffpauir re-incarnate, and there’s a reason he’s spent 10 years in the minor leagues. We’re beginning to see what he is and is not capable of. He had a huge first month that sent him to the all star game, but since then- he’s been below mediocre at the plate. It’s time for the Cubs to try and deal him for nothing in a waiver wire trade, or send him to the 4th outfielder/back up first basemen role and bring up Brett Jackson.

Just because Brett Jackson hasn’t had a big year in the minor from the average standpoint, doesn’t mean much to me. This kid can play. He’s a very good outfielder, can steal some bases, and has some major power. There’s no reason why he can’t be a 25-25 guy at the big league level. But Gil- Brett Jackson strikes out a ton! Yeah, great. So does Adam Dunn, Mark Reynolds etc. Strike outs only matter when guys are on base.

I think Brett Jackson can handle Chicago and it’s pressures. I think this kid is ready, and I think it’s time for the Chicago Cubs to see what they have in him because he can’t be any worse than Bryan LaHair.

Just because MLB Rumors is about over, doesn’t mean Chicago Cubs rumors stop. We’ll see that in December as well.

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  • Dale

    I think you are correct about LaHair, and about Jackson, from a performance perspective. However, I think the Paul Maholm story typifies why your recommendation is wrong. The Cubs signed Maholm to an option year, developed him, and then received a great prospect for him. I anticipate the same happening with LaHair IF we continue to play him. While beginning development of Jackson is important, I don’t see it as critical that the organization is wrong in delaying it.

  • John Holt

    I think we have seen enough of LaHair to know he will not be part of our future. He is just taking up space where we could be giving someone like Jackson some playing time in the big leagues. I do not know if LaHair has any value but if he does the move him. If not then release him and bring on one of the younger guys. There is just no reason to keep him.

    • gilgerard

      I agree John.

      Dale, the guy is 30 years old. He’s not a 22 year old pup. We’ve seen what he can do, and it’s unimpressive. 30 year olds should be developed- not still developing.