New York Yankees Facebook Page Was Hacked; Said Derek Jeter Will Miss Rest Of Season For Sex Change Operation

By Riley Schmitt

Derek Jeter is going to be a Hall of Famer but he was the victim of a Facebook prank on Thursday.  The Facebook page for the New York Yankees was hacked and it led to an announcement that said the shortstop would miss the rest of the season for a sex change operation.

This could be one of the best pranks in the history of hacking.  I can not imagine that many people thought it was real but it is extremely funny.  Derek Jeter is constantly dating models so I do not think he is a guy that will ever need to undergo a sex change operation.  Whoever decided to pull the prank at least came up with something original.

I am surprised that more teams and players are not victims of pranks like this.  It would be easy to hack a social media page.  Just look at how many athletes get hacked on Twitter.  Then again, those “hacks” are probably the people being idiots and then trying to back track from a bad decision.

This should be good for a laugh for a couple days.  If this ever turns out to be true, maybe the hacker can see into the future.  If they predicted that Derek Jeter is going to undergo a sex change, that would be fairly weird, yet it would be pretty interesting.

Do not expect to see Minnie Mantlez on a baseball field near you soon.  However, if a person with that name shows up, expect it to be Derek Jeter.  The internet said it so it must be true.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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