Will The Cubs Try And Slip Matt Garza Through Waivers?

With  the Philadelphia Phillies putting Cliff Lee through the waiver process, it makes me think about the Chicago CubsMatt Garza. Matt Garza was rumored to be traded to like 9 teams at the deadline, but nothing happened (likely because of his tricep “injury”). A lot of people think the Cubs will still try and trade Garza in August, and here’s my response to that. Why?

Look, I don’t like Matt Garza. Jim Hendry made a major mistake in trading for him for the package he did, but it is what it is. If you read any of my posts on Matt Garza, you’ll know I don’t like him. However, you don’t NEED to trade him this year. He’s controllable, and you’ll be able to get more value for him in the winter when you can talk to 28 other teams about him. Everyone thinks this guy is a future ace, so the value has to be that. There’s just no reason for the Cubs to send him through waivers at this point, because you won’t gain the value needed to trade him.

If the Cubs do send him through Waivers, I expect several teams to put a claim on him which likely force the Cubs to pull him back if they can’t work out a trade. I suppose you can’t lose on the theory, but my theory is- if the Cubs look desperate to move him, they’ll get mediocre talent in return, and that’s not the way to treat the Garza situation.

We’ll see what happens, but I expect Matt Garza to be a Cub for the rest of the year.

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