Los Angeles Dodgers Acquire Joe Blanton From Philadelphia Phillies

By Riley Schmitt

Joe Blanton was rumored to be traded before the trade deadline, but the Philadelphia Phillies decided to move him during the waiver period.  The pitcher is going to the Los Angeles Dodgers, who are really showing that they are serious about making the playoffs this season.

Joe Blanton has not been good this year but the Dodgers might be able to squeeze some innings out of him.  They were looking for a pitcher at the deadline but nothing ever came to fruition.  Blanton might not have been the best guy out there but he has pitched in the playoffs before.  He can eat innings and he just might throw a good game or two.

The Phillies are clearly dumping any contract that they can.  They have a lot of money tied up in not a lot of guys.  They are hoping that people eat a bunch of money just to get the players away from them.  It is an odd move to see from a team that has been awesome the last couple of years but nothing has gone right this year.

The Dodgers were probably the most aggressive team in the trade market and they are still showing some signs of wanting to add more players.  The waiver process is the final time to add people for the stretch run and it looks like the Dodgers want the playoffs badly.

Joe Blanton might not shock the world but a good start or two from him could be all the difference that the Dodgers end up needing.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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