Giants Trade Acquisitions so far

By Parker Perry

The Giants made two major moves to try to sure up their offense.

There was never any question whether their starting pitching was good enough, however their bats needed some help: enter Marco Scutaro and Hunter Pence.

Scutaro was traded from the Colorado Rockies and Pence from Philadelphia.

Marco Scutaro was traded from the Colorado Rockies on July 28th. He was suppose to sure up some of the concerns on defense and so far he has done so. He has taken the spot of Pablo Sandoval who is on the Disable List. He has also done very well the bat.

In the first seven games he has been with the Giants, he has gotten a hit in six of them. His average with San Francisco is .266. That is down from .291 after going 1-6 Friday night. He has been very good for the Giants, save his last game.

Hunter Pence has played in three games with the San Francisco Giants, and so far he has had his struggles. In his first two games he went for a combined 0-6. In Friday night’s rout that saw his team score 16 runs,  he had only one hit in six attempts. His struggles are concerning for the Giants, because the offense really does need instant help. Of course it is really early to throw him out with the bath water.

However, he has been far from a spark plug so far in his time in San Francisco. Pence has played solid in the field, but he needs to have more output to help his team get the energy that they so highly need.

It is much to early to declare trades as a success of failure right now, however one thing is sure. Pence needs to wake up in August and provide the offense that is known he can provide, and Scutaro needs to keep us the success that he is having.


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