Mini Collapse

By Parker Perry

The San Francisco Giants have lost six of their last seven games.

Their division lead has fallen from three games to only a half of one, and at one point was tied for with the Dodgers atop of the west.

The Giants have lost in almost every way possible in this tough stretch. They stared it with an extra inning loss to the Dodgers, and the falling day lost by ten runs in nine. They lost by one in a low scoring game, 2-1 defeat to the Mets on Wednesday. The lost by one run in a high scoring game, a 8-7 extra inning loss to the Mets on Monday. It has been a rough week for the San Francisco Giants.

The absence of Pablo Sandoval has clearly taken effect on the team.

Sandoval was placed on the fifteen day disable list after straining his hamstring attempting to make a play at first base last week. His .299 average in the middle of the lineup has been sorely missed.  Some had hoped that it would be OK without Sandoval because of the Giants trade deadline accusation of Hunter Pence. However in the two games that he has played he has gone hitless, 0-for-seven.

The quality of opponents has not exactly been difficult for the team either. The New York Mets started the season off hot but instead of continuing their success they slipped down a slippery slope and entered the four game series well below .500. The Giants could have used the wins to help them along in the division.

They now will play the Colorado Rockies. The Rockies have not had the best of seasons, and are one of the worst teams in the league. The Giants need to get back on the winning track, because after they get done with Colorado, St. Louis waits at their door stop.

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