Offensive Explosion Leads Giants Over Rockies

By Parker Perry

The San Francisco Giants bats woke up Friday night and produced a season high 16 runs to lead them over the Colorado Rockies 16-4 in the first game of the three game, weekend series.

The blowout not only entailed the most runs scored by the club this season, but also the twelve run difference was the largest margin of victory also.

It came after manager Bruce Bochy gathered the team during batting practice to talk to them about their recent woes. he told media that he felt it was the right time to settle his guys down, and give them their confidence back at the plate. he also told them that they had to be more resilient and tough.

“It was time to talk to them and remind them where we’re at here,” Bochy said. “The biggest problem is we haven’t been hitting, and you’ve got to create excitement by scoring runs. This game is going to humble you at times and you’ve got to man up and deal with it. You’ve got to be tougher.”

The Giants started their offensive rout in the first inning. The first two batters of the game produced a run as Angel Pagan doubled to start the inning and Ryan Theriot singled him in from third after advancing on a wild pitch. Theriot scored on a fielder choice off the bat of Hunter Pence.

And though there was to be an offensive explosion to come, the next couple innings were silent. It really started in the seventh inning. They scored four runs in the seventh, six in the eighth and three more in the ninth. Colorado was able to respond with four runs of the own in the seventh, but the rest of the runs were unmatched and the game was well in hand.

The Giants and Rockies will play game two at 11:00 PT.


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