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Welcome to the Big Leagues Matt Harvey

Matt Harvey, in his first two starts since being called up from the New York Mets, was nothing short of stellar. After striking out 18 and only allowing two earned runs against the Arizona Diamondbacks and San Francisco Giants, respectively, Harvey finally got roughed up against the San Diego Padres.  The last thing fans wanted to see was the young pitcher give up 5 earned runs over 5 innings while giving up eight hits and only recording five strikeouts.  Hold on a second, though, Mets fans, there is no need to hit the panic button.  I assure you that this young ace will be just that, an ace when all is said and done.

Matt Harvey is an incredible pitcher that will give hitters fits for years.  His early command of his fastball and changeup will only improve as well as his development of his curve ball.  There simply is no reason to be alarmed, since this is the growing pains that Harvey has to get through for the next two months as he prepares for a hopefully long career.  As fans, you must be absolutely ecstatic at the view of the starting rotation for next year.

With the Mets having Johan Santana through next year and a club option for 2014, you might be looking at a viable rotation going forward.  Just imagine, if you will, the possibilities of a starting five that consists of Santana, R.A. Dickey, Harvey, Jonathan Niese and Dillon Gee.  That is as good a rotation as any in MLB.  So as Sandy Alderson goes into the offseason, if he can just shore up the bullpen and fill the outfield with respectable players, the Mets might look better than expected going into 2013.  But remember, it is 2014 that Mets fans should concentrate on as their breakout year, as long as the Wilpons decide to spend the money to make the club better.

So as you dredge through the final months of what has turned into a disaster of a season,  look ahead Mets fans and understand that the future is bright with young stars like Harvey, and eventually Zack Wheeler.  For once, it is not the starting rotation that needs revamping and never dwell on one start from a promising young pitcher that has the tools to succeed in this league.  Welcome to the big leagues, Matt Harvey.  Shrug this loss to the Padres off as a learning experience and move on for your good and the good of the organization.


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