Matt Garza Is Put On The DL

By gilgerard

The Chicago Cubs have put RHP Matt Garza on the 15 day DL with that triceps injury that cost the Cubs top value on the trade market. He apparently came up a little stiff after his bullpen session and the Cubs obviously wanted to take no chances. The Cubs don’t plan on another MRI as they don’t believe it’s entirely serious, but at the same time- there’s no reason to push anyone.

I can’t say I’m really surprised seeing as he hasn’t pitched in what feels like forever.  I believe the Cubs tried to hide it as much as they could so they could potentially trade him, but it’s clearly a little more than a fluid build up on the tendon. It probably is more of a tendonitis type deal if I had to guess, but who knows.

Never been a huge fan of Garza, but I do want him healthy to finish the year so the Cubs can potentially trade him this offseason, so I think the Cubs are making the right move in a lost season.

The good news in all this, Casey Coleman can’t be called up since he threw 6 innings on Sunday.

As long as the Cubs don’t ever bring up Casey Coleman again I’ll be happy. I mean, the Cubs do have some other young arms down there to take his spot, right? Sigh.

Still a lot of work to be done, but they’re on the right track.

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