MLB: Detroit Tigers Make up Ground in the Power Rankings

The Reds continue to be scorching hot, the Yankees have hit a rough patch, and the Tigers are playing good once again. Did any new teams make it into the top 10? Lets find out!

1. Cincinnati Reds (66-43)- The Reds are winning at an unfathomable pace. Before their loss on Sunday, the Reds had won 22 of 25 games, and they are managing to do this without their MVP first basemen Joey Votto.

2. Washington Nationals (66-43)- The Nationals played another solid week of baseball, winning six straight games and padding their lead a little more in the NL East. Stephen Strasburg got hit around in his last start against the Phillies. In his start against the Marlins he made up for it. Pitching six innings of three hit baseball and striking out six.

3. Texas Rangers (63-45)- The Rangers played a bit better this week. Taking a split against their division rivals the Angels. Mike Olt, the Rangers top prospect got the call up from Triple-A, to hopefully spark the Rangers. Yu Darvish continues to struggle. He has a 10.03 ERA in his last two starts and continues to get hit around.

4. New York Yankees (63-45)- After being one of the hottest teams in baseball, the Yankees have cooled off a lot in their last ten games. Losing six of their last 10. On Monday the Yankees ran into Justin Verlander and he struck out 14 Bronx Bombers in eight innings.

5. Atalanta Braves (63-46)- The Braves sit three games down to the Nationals in the NL East, but are playing some of their best baseball of the year. Whether it’s been the surprise of Ben Sheets, Tim Hudson’s recent dominance,  or their solid offense that has the ageless wonder Chipper Jones leading the way. The Braves are a great team, and the NL East is going to be a fun division to watch in the coming weeks.

6.Pittsburgh Pirates (62-46)- Andrew McCutchen is too good. After hitting .446 in the month of July, McCutchen is off to another great start in August. Hitting .333 with a home run with still a lot of time to go in the month. If the Reds weren’t as hot as they were, there is a chance the Pirates could be in first place right now.

7. Chicago White Sox (60-48)- After the Tigers swept the White Sox out of first place it looked like the Sox my of fallen off. That has not been the case. The Sox have won 10 of their last 13 games, taken back first place in the central, and are beating any team that stands in their way.

8.St. Louis Cardinals (60-49)- The Cardinals are coming off a sweep of the Brewers and have won six of their last seven games. Great pitching a good offense has been a common theme with the Cardinals over the last week and a half. They should continue to get better once Lance Berkman comes back.

9. Detroit Tigers (59-50)- Some good ole’ home cooking is what the Tigers needed. After only winning three games on their last road trip, the Tigers have won five straight, and are knocking on the front door of first place in the AL Central once again.

10. Los Angeles Angels (59-51)- Two words: Albert Pujols. Remember when he didn’t have a single home run going into the month of May? Neither do I. Pujols this past week has hit .344 with six home runs and 11 RBIs, and has raised his average to .287. Jered Weaver also captured his 15th win and lowered his ERA down to 2.13.

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