Roger Bernadina Makes The Catch Of The Year To Preserve Victory For The Washington Nationals

By Riley Schmitt

Roger Bernadina may have finally made the play that puts Mike Trout in his place.  Trout had an amazing play to rob a home run this year but it looks like Bernadina turned in a play that betters the young phenom’s efforts on the diamond.  The Washington Nationals certainly needed the play in order to hold on to win Tuesday night.

I am not sure if the reaction of Bernadina’s teammates or the actual catch is better.  Roger Bernadina actually vanishes behind the wall for a split second as he goes up to make the catch.  Not only is that amazing, it is one of the best catches in recent memory.  Under no circumstance should that ball have been caught but it was caught to win the game.

It may not have been the amazing ability that Trout’s play had but this catch actually won a game.  That has to count for something in the long run.  Trout’s play was probably better overall but this play was in the heat of the moment and decided a game.  If this ball is not caught, at least two runs score and the Nats lose.  That is a gut check catch if there has ever been one.

Expect this play to be on the top plays for a while.  This catch is the best play of the baseball season so far once you factor in the moment of the game.  It was extremely difficult and it won a game.  If you can find something better, there are a lot of baseball fans who would love to see that play.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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