When Will The New York Mets Hit Their Bottom With Bay?

There is an old adage in an alcoholic’s or drug addicts’ life that states change will only happen when you have hit rock bottom and you are truly ready for that change.  Now I’m not implying that Fred and Jeff Wilpon or Sandy Alderson for that matter are on that level of destruction that they need an intervention or anything.  However, the New York Mets need to seriously re-evaluate Jason Bay and his use to the team. They have to realize there comes a time when you look at a signing, shake your head, and allow yourself to move on.  Hopefully in the right direction.

Cases in point would be very talented, but highly underachieving LHP Oliver Perez and 2B Luis Castillo.  Both players actually began as assets to the Mets and quickly turned into players that looked foolish in their respective positions and drew the ire of fans and media alike.   Both players were portrayed as the catalysts that tore apart the Mets as their contracts were the last remnants holding them on the major league level.  That seems to be the last resort that Bay has in his favor also.

Remember this, Mets fans.  The Wilpons finally hit their bottom with both Perez and Castillo and both were cast aside for the better of the team, no matter how many times they said they would not eat the money.  Now the club announced that Bay will be a platoon player the rest of the year, giving more time for Jordanny Valdespin and Mike Baxter to get their at-bats.  Alderson stated that the Mets will not swallow Bay’s contract for 2013, however “nothing is 100% certainty in baseball.”  Sounds like a prelude to a burying to me.

Just know this as this season nears its close.  If Baxter and Valdespin produce and are valuable to any type of run the Mets have the rest of the way, we might just witness management hitting their rock bottom and  casting Bay off like an unwanted addiction.  That is the only way that the Wilpons will gain any respect back from the fans and be able to move on in the right direction.


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