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Sandy Alderson: “Jason Bay is Not Going Anywhere, Nor Is his Contract”

The New York Mets have announced that they will not ingest the remaining $33 million on Jason Bay’s contract. Mets general manager Sandy Alderson announced the moves shortly after telling the media that Bay will be a platoon player.

Bay, 34 in september, is hitting .154/.248/.285 with 5 home runs and 11 rbi in 149 plate appearances in 2012. The veteran is due to earn $16MM in 2013 and $17MM for 2014. However, the Mets do have a $3MM buy out clause on his 2014 season.

“Certainly there are times when it is appropriate to eat a contract.” said Alderson. “There are other times when it is not. Jason Bay is not going anywhere, nor is his contract.”

So where do the Mets go from here?  Already having announced that they will be paying $16MM for next season and barring a miraculous 2013 campaign, it is with high chance that the team fishes Bay his $3MM to buy him out.

It’s tough to imagine that Jason Bay hasn’t even lived up to half of his expectations. He’s certainly not the big bat that former general manager Omar Minaya had hoped for, and after suffering three concussions and not having played a full season, Bay’s contract makes Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo look like petty change.

To put down Bay’s stats is redundant, in fact his stats actually make him look like he’s a bad player as opposed to the horrendous player he has been. A consistent player with the Pittsburgh Pirates and Boston Red Sox, Bay has reached a point of no return.


So where do the Mets go from here? It’s redundant to recite Bay’s stats and express the angst that Mets fans experience when Bay is inserted into the lineup card. However, not only does Bay hurt the team when he’s in the lineup but he hurts the team when he’s not in the lineup. By taking up a roster spot, the team hasn’t only been handcuffed a roster spot for the veteran but they were also handcuffed in the abundance of out fielders.

With Bay in the lineup tonight against the Miami Marlins, Bay takes away from deserving players like Jordany Valdespin or Mike Baxter. The Mets have already erased themselves from a pennant race but are at a point where the team should be fielding a team full of homegrown talent.

Who would’ve thought that two months ago when everything was falling in place for the ball club that this team would hit rock bottom. Wins are not a premium in Flushing during these summer days. It is time to play the young talent and label the 2012 season another evaluation year. Time to cut ties with Bay, whether he is not producing on the field or is released, he’s still being compensated from the organization, might as show him the door and play the young talent.

Talent that can actually help the team in the future.