Baltimore Orioles Call Up SS Manny Machado

By gilgerard

I still am a little surprised by this. The Baltimore Orioles have called up top prospect Manny Machado from AA, and will be in the lineup tonight. Why am I surprised? Well- Machado wasn’t exactly tearing up AA, hitting under .275 and had only 10 homers. He showed some skill defensively, but he still looks a little raw to me. The Orioles also have that guy JJ Hardy at shortstop, so I’m a little confused about rushing Machado to Baltimore.

With that being said, the Orioles know their organization, and Manny Machado better than I do. If they felt like he was ready- then hey- the kid is ready. Unfortunately, this looks like an Andy McPhail error in judgement with a young kid (again). Remember Corey Patterson? Yeah- as a Chicago Cubs fan that one still stings a bit.

The Orioles didn’t bring Machado up to sit on the bench, so I suspect he’s going to be playing daily. I don’t believe the Orioles will make the playoffs, and maybe they don’t either so they thought hey- it’s time to see what we have in the kid. Hopefully, if Machado struggles (which I think he will to a certain degree), he won’t get too down on himself and lose full confidence in how to play the game because the kid has some pretty spectacular tools. Maybe this is one of those cases where he was bored in the minors. I don’t know.

We’ll see what happens but it’s exciting to see young talent called up- no matter who it is.

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