MLB Rumors: Will the Red Sox Trade Jacoby Ellsbury?

By gilgerard

MLB Rumors won’t be quiet in Boston as the Boston Red Sox will likely miss the postseason for a third straight season. That can’t have anyone happy, and I can be the first to admit- I’m surprised. I believe change will be coming fast for the Sox as they’re hampered by mediocre performances by their highest paid players. They guy I think they’ll most likely try and trade is Jacoby Ellsbury.

Ellsbury has been hurt so often over the last 5-6 years- it’s hard to expect him to be around for long. There’s no doubt when healthy he’s as dynamic as any player in the game, but with the bad contract to Carl Crawford and Jon Lester and Josh Beckett still struggling with their money, Ellsbury might have the most value to the team.

I would imagine the Red Sox would have every team in baseball calling in about Ellsbury if they make him available, and I think he’ll be one of the most sought after names on the trade blocks come this winter. With that being said, will the Red Sox abandon this kind of player? I’m not so sure. I know they really love Ellsbury and would much rather move Carl Crawford- but facts are facts. It’s not going to happen in terms of CC.

What will the Red Sox want? Surely 3 solid minor leaguers- probably 2 of them being pitchers. The Red Sox have really hurt their system over the last few years, and it’s going to take some time to build back up. Jacoby Ellsbury is just a start as I can see many guys on this team being traded.

We’ll see what happens but don’t expect the Red Sox to sit quietly on their hands this winter.

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