Colorado Rockies Organization: A Future of Incompetence

By Derek Kessinger

The Colorado Rockies are on the road to 100 losses. It continues to be a rocky road for a club with a winning percentage under .400. The most recent move to reassign the duties of General Manger Dan O’Dowd will shield him from a firing he deserves. With Bill Geivett assuming the day-to-day operations of the club as Senior Vice President of Major League Operations, the Rockies’ management continues to show a lack of understanding. Asking fans to wait on a broken system is insulting their intelligence. Part three of this three part series examines this change in management style and the future of the Colorado Rockies.

Part One: 13 Years of Incompetence
Part Two: A Year of Incompetence

News that Colorado Rockies General Manager Dan O’Dowd would be reassigned broke on a late night talk show in Denver that has been critical of the team.  A personality called in and gave the news the night before an official press conference. Looking back, the timing of the move was interesting, but with the Rockies there is always a motive. Everyone’s against them, and they want their critics to pay.

The first rumor was that the Rockies would reassign O’Dowd as they did pitching coach Bob Apodaca. The coach was tired of his job and wanted to try something new. He is now an assistant to the general manager. Instead of being moved, O’Dowd promoted long time assistant and friend Bill Geivett to senior vice president of major league operations. O’Dowd would have more control over the farm system and Geivett would assume day-to-day control of the team.

What this actually means is that O’Dowd has erected a human shield in the form of Geivett between him and the critics. He apparently asked to be fired by the owners, the Monfort brothers, but they would hear none of it. Geivett has no real power, but will be the hands-on manager that the Rockies brought Jim Tracy in to get away from. O’Dowd will try to rebuild a farm system that he has always been in control of.

This new reality, with O’Dowd fading slightly from the public spotlight, has set up a bleak future for the Rockies organization. The Rockies preach accountability, but are afraid to hold anyone accountable. How this will play out with future players remains to be seen, but Carlos Gonzalez is too talented to waste his career here. Without improvement, look for him to find a way out of town. The Rockies lack of pitching, orchestrated by O’Dowd’s trades, has left Colorado without options, and since they continually complain about the altitude, few pitchers will want to come play at Coors Field.

As for O’Dowd, he has bought himself at least two more years with the move of Geivett. Tracy will be unfairly fired after the season. No manager could have controlled a team with such disastrous pitching, but unless the Rockies are above .500 the rest of the way, they will finish with over 100 losses. Geivett, will be fired at the end of next year as an excuse as well. Not because he will have done anything wrong, but because O’Dowd has built another brick in the system. Until the Monforts decide to look outside the organization, the Rockies will continue to operate in a fantasyland that does not exist in major league baseball. Coors Field may be the most beautiful place to watch a ballgame in the world, but O’Dowd’s presence will make sure the road fans go home happy.
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