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MLB Rumors: Predicting the Remainder of the 2012 Major League Baseball Season

With the 2012 Major League Baseball season more than two-thirds complete, a number of teams are still fighting for a postseason spot.

In fact, you could make a case that well over half of the teams in baseball are still right in the middle of the playoff race, although that is largely because each league added an extra wild-card spot beginning this season.

The following are my predictions for the end of the regular season standings and award winners in both leagues.

NL East:
Washington Nationals (99-63)

NL Central:
St. Louis Cardinals (95-67)

NL West:
Los Angeles Dodgers (93-69)

NL wild-cards:
Atlanta Braves (92-70), Cincinnati Reds (92-70)

AL East:
New York Yankees (98-64)

AL Central:
Detroit Tigers (94-68)

AL West:
Texas Rangers (100-62)

AL wild-cards:
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (95-67), Tampa Bay Rays (93-69)

1. Andrew McCutchen
2. Joey Votto
3. Matt Kemp
4. David Wright
5. Buster Posey

1. Mike Trout
2. Miguel Cabrera
3. Robinson Cano
4. Josh Hamilton
5. Albert Pujols

NL Cy Young:
1. Clayton Kershaw
2. R.A. Dickey
3. Stephen Strasburg
4. Craig Kimbrel
5. Aroldis Chapman

AL Cy Young:
1. Justin Verlander
2. Jered Weaver
3. Felix Hernandez
4. David Price
5. Jake Peavy

Postseason Results:
(5) Cincinnati over (4) Atlanta
(1) Washington over (5) Cincinnati
(3) Los Angeles over (2) St. Louis

(4) Los Angeles over (5) Tampa Bay
(4) Los Angeles over (2) New York
(1) Texas over (3) Detroit

(4) Los Angeles over (1) Texas

(1) Washington over (3) Los Angeles

World Series:
(4) Los Angeles over (1) Washington
MVP: Mike Trout

I’m not going to provide an analysis for each division winner and my rankings in the awards for each league. I don’t think any of them are big surprises.

The Angels were my preseason World Series champion and I have them going on a tear for the season’s final month and a half, and then cruising through the postseason to a second world championship.

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