MLB Rumors: The Rangers Plan To Shop Elvis Andrus This Winter?

MLB Rumors are certainly going to fly this winter when you talk about the Texas Rangers. Sure, alot of people probably think that I’m talking mostly about Josh Hamilton. To an extent I am, but I’m talking more about Elvis Andrus. Why would the Rangers trade Andrus? Simple. Jurickson Profar is arguably the best prospect in the minors right now and will be knocking at the door of being a big leaguer next year.

The Rangers know they can’t really trade Profar, but at the same time- will they get full value if they trade Andrus knowing teams know of their plans?

That’s what it will come down too. The value of Elvis Andrus. This guy is still insanely young. He’s an above average hitter and fielder, and lightning fast. I suspect SEVERAL teams will be in on Andrus because why would anyone NOT want a shortstop like that?

If you ask me, I think the Rangers will kill in any deal for Andrus. Teams will need him and will be willing to meet expectations for him.

The question is- who do I think will be in on him the most?

My answer? The St. Louis Cardinals.

The Cardinals could make Shelby Miller available, and get the SS of the future they really need. It would be an AWESOME deal for them, and I think they’ll be one of the major aggressors. If they aren’t? They’ll be missing out.

We’ll see what happens but the Texas Rangers will have a ton of decision to make this winter. I can’t wait to see how MLB Rumors heat up in a few months.

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  • sportsbaron1

    Trading Elvis Andrus–an “insanely young” star-in-embryo–who plays a premium infield position and is just now beginning to bloom would be dumb beyond belief. Shortstops like Elvis who field their positions the way he does, has power to both gaps and is a potential six time All-Star don’t grow on trees. If I were the GM of this club, I’d bring Jurickson Profar up, trade 30 year old Ian Kinsler for a much needed starting pitcher, and either move Elvis to second base or install Profar there. I GUARANTEE YOU that the Rangers would be better off both in the long run and in the immediate future by doing that than they would be if they get rid of Elvis the way you’re suggesting. And then, if Ron Washington ever comes to his senses and plays Mitch Moreland every day–giving him a consistent chance to get comfortable against left handed pitchers–my feeling is that Mitch would pay him (and the team) back by doing more of what he did early last week against former Royals’ lefty Jose Mijares–hit game changing three run homers–thereby increasing his confidence and helping to make the Rangers prohibitive favorites to win the Fall Classic.

    But I don’t think Ron Washington is bright enough (or flexible enough in his thinking) to do that…

    Santa Monica

  • sportsbaron1

    Trading Elvis Andrus–an “insanely young” star-in-embryo who plays a premium infield position brilliantly and has power to both gaps would be foolish. He’s just now beginning to bloom into the all-around player the Rangers envisioned when they drafted him. Players like that don’t grow on trees–especially not at shortstop. If I were the GM of the Rangers I’d bring up Profar, TRADE 30 YEAR OLD Ian Kinsler for much needed starting pitcher(s), and either install Profar at 2nd base or move Elvis there. I guarantee you that Texas would be far better off making THOSE moves than the one you’re suggesting. And if, on top of that, Ron Washington would finally come to his senses and allow Mitch Moreland to play everyday against left handed pitchers, I think Mitch would reward him by doing more of what he did early last week against former Royals’ left-handed beast Jose Mijares: namely hit game changing three run homers late in the game-thereby increasing his confidence and with it this team’s odds of winning the Fall Classic in the near future.

    But I don’t feel Ron Washington is flexible enough in his thinking to do that. I think he’ll continue to platoon Moreland until the day Mitch gets fed up with his fate and requests a trade or they release him…

    Just Sayin’
    Santa Monica

  • Richard Adams

    Shelby Miller for Andrus? Are you kidding me? A .300 hitting SS at the MLB level who’d be under whatever team that gets him control for two more seasons for a guy who’s been anything but MLB ready? No, if Andrus gets traded, it will be for a front of the line starter in the bigs today. If not, look for Profar to being playing next to Andrus and Kinsler will be either DH or in LF.