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MLB Rumors: Will The Cardinals Target Elvis Andrus This Winter?

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I expect MLB Rumors to be all over the Texas Rangers regarding Elvis Andrus this winter because of the emergence of SS prospect Jurickson Profar. The St. Louis Cardinals could be the hottest on him because of their need of a long term SS solution. Rafael Furcal is not going to be get it done as he keeps getting older, and I don’t believe anyone in the system will be the impact player at the shortstop position the way Elvis Andrus could be.

Elvis Andrus would give the Cardinals a dynamic lead off hitter, setting the table for Matt Holliday, David Freese, and the rest of the middle of the lineup. He would bring a speed game to the table, and a solid glove, so I think the Cardinals should absolutely make this guy a priority.

What would it take to get him? That’s going to be the tricky part. You wouldn’t think a guy like Andrus would have the value of your best minor leaguers, but I believe his age changes that. I think it would cost the St. Louis Shelby Miller or Carlos Martinez to get any sort of deal done, and I think either ¬†would be worth it in regards to Elvis Andrus.

As a Cardinals fan, I realize it could be very tough to part with either of those guys, but think about what Andrus will do for the offense and defense 162 games a year opposed to 32 starts at the big league level for Miller or Martinez. Also, Andrus is a proven young shortstop while Miller or Martinez might not pan out. Sometimes you need to sacrifice young talent to get a player like Andrus, and would immediately pay dividends.

I would go after Andrus with everything I have if I were the St. Louis Cardinals, but I guess we’ll find out this winter what the plan is.

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