Why Did the Chicago Cubs Bring Up Josh Vitters If They Aren't Going To Play Him?

By gilgerard

The Chicago Cubs continue to baffle me on the field. They make some mistakes where I really scratch my head, but I guess that’s going to happen with a team as young and talented (or not talented) as the Cubs.  What really scratches my head though is Josh Vitters not playing consistently. Dale Sveun is JUST KILLING me. Seriously, the Cubs are giving more AB’s to Luis Valbuena. Yup- Luis Valbuena. The same guy hitting about .215. Can someone PLEASE explain to me why the Cubs brought up Josh Vitters to be a pinch hitter/utility guy?

I mean come on. This isn’t tough. The Cubs are rebuilding and they’re trying to figure out what kind of major league talent Josh Vitters has. This has me ANGRY. I don’t want to watch Luis Valbuena play. End of story. I want to see what kind of player Josh Vitters is, and to me? It makes ZERO sense to bring Vitters up to sit on the bench. Let him hit in AAA if he isn’t going to hit here.

This is the problem I have with the Chicago Cubs. If this is the kind of manager Dale Sveum is going to be- it’s time to get rid of him now. I question if he can handle young players- I really do. This team hasn’t developed so to speak with their young talent and that falls on the managers shoulders.

Let the records show, I wanted Ryne Sandberg to get the job because I believed (and still do) that he could have handled this season better than Sveum. I believed he could reach these young guys, and teach them how to do things the right way.

So I guess- the point of this article is: What the heck is Dale Sveum doing? And the Cubs need to play Josh Vitters. How can any Cubs fan disagree with this?

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