MLB Rumors: New York Mets Will Trade Hairston Sooner Rather Than Later

By Craig Moir

Most baseball people are under the keen sense that there are legitimately no bright spots for the New York Mets in 2012.  I know I have been as hard on the Mets as anyone, but the cold, hard fact of the matter is, how can you not be excited by the talent that surfaced this year.  Okay, I know Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins did not stumble upon a 30HR, 120RBI monster batting .305, but the Mets and their fans got more out of this bunch of kids than ever could be expected.  As the evaluation begins with the September call-ups(if the Mets have anyone else to call up), there are a couple of things that must be done before closing out the year.

First and foremost, the Mets have to deal Scott Hairston, let him go through the waiver process, and bring back a mid-level piece for him.  Any playoff-bound team will be happy to get the clutch-hitting Hairston to come off the bench and add a spark.  The Mets will not get much for him, but a mid-level catcher or outfielder and everybody is happy.  The fans need to see some kind of move from the management, if for nothing else, but to show that there is a pulse.  The bright spots for next year and beyond will be in the pitching and infield, where fans have seen the promise of P Matt Harvey, P Josh Edgin and also SS Ruben Tejada in his first full season.

Everyone will question how the Mets, if they do not spend the money, will acquire at least two quality outfielders and/or a starting catcher, but that is where the farm system will be needed.  There is no doubt that after seeing C Josh Thole and the plethora of average or below average outfielders that these are the most glaring needs.  Yet, every team needs pitching and someone will be looking to get into the Mets system and purge them of the “touchable” candidates such as Jenrry Mejia, Chris Shwinden, Jeurys Familia or even Jeremy Hefner.

As Hairston is cast off to a winner and Jason Bay is showcased more and more for some foolish GM to make an insane trade idea such as Carl Crawford of the Boston Red Sox for Bay, then the serious moxie of Alderson will show.  Stay the course and try to incrementally improve in certain positions in the off-season and the Mets will make 2013 exciting as they did the beginning of 2012.


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