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St. Louis Cardinals Lose Matt Adams For The Year

The St. Louis Cardinals are once again battling for the NL Central title this year, but unfortunately took a blow. Rookie Matt Adams will likely miss the rest of the season with an elbow injury that likely will force a surgical procedure. The Cardinals had planned to bring Adams up for the stretch run, as Adams had some outstanding success earlier this year, driving in 13 runs in his first 86 ABs.

This kind of injury could force the Cardinals hand to be a little more active on the trade front. There are several guys like Lyle Overbay available that would allow the Cardinals to have some depth, and protect them from further injury problems. I’m not convinced they’ll make a run at someone, but frankly- I think it makes the most sense to do so.

If Matt Adams were healthy, he would have served some nice pop off the bench, while spelling at first base. It’s a shame that this kid is going to lose his season, but I think he’s got a pretty bright future ahead of him so it’s important to get this injury fixed now- opposed to later.

Can the Cardinals overcome this injury? Heck yeah they can. This team fights more than any team in baseball, and their never say die attitude always keeps them in ball games.

And look, let’s not forget that Matt Adams is a role player, not a starter. He provided some depth, that’s great, but nothing earth shattering. He would have helped the Cardinals down the stretch, but it’s not going to hurt them as long as everyone else stays healthy. Thus why I believe they should go out and add a little depth anyway.

We’ll see what the Cardinals do from here on out.