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Alfonso Soriano Approaching Personal Milestone

Alfonso Soriano is approaching a very prestigious milestone. Soriano is 2 RBI’s away from 1000 in his career, in which he would be the 6th player in major league baseball history to have 1000 RBI’s 350 homers, 400 doubles, and 250 SB’s. The Chicago Cubs were heavily critizised awhile ago when they gave Soriano that 8 year deal, and what no one realizes? Soriano has been a pretty solid offensive force for the Cubs. They knew exactly what they were getting. A lot of homers, a lot of strike outs, and a mediocre OBP. It’s unfortunate Soriano injured his legs early in his Cubs career, sapping him of that speed, and hurt a lot of his value. Did Soriano deserve that contract? Probably not. But Soriano has been given a pretty unfair rap by the Chicago Cubs fanbase.

I would like to be the first to congratulate Soriano on this accomplishment. Hitting this kind of milestone is extremely special, mainly because of the company he’s about to join. The only other players that hit this kind of milestone? How does, Gary Sheffield, Willie Mays, Barry Bonds, Andre Dawson, and Alex Rodriguez sound to anyone else?

I’m glad Soriano is going to do this in a Chicago Cubs uniform because maybe then will he get some due credit from the fan base. It’s nice to see a Cub hit a record like the one he’s about to hit, so frankly, I think it’s awesome. I hope the rest of the fan base can understand it as well. I don’t want to be the only one to give him a standing ovation.