Boston Red Sox Players Want Bobby Valentine Out

By Brian Cote

The Boston Red Sox clubhouse has seemingly been brewing all season long in a negative way in regard to the hiring of manager Bobby Valentine and now it appears as if it is boiling over. A group of players met with ownership on July 26 at The Palace hotel in New York City on an off day for the team to share their disgust for Valentine.

Red Sox first baseman Adrian Gonzalez was reportedly at the fore front of initiating this meeting with ownership as he sent a text to them on behalf of himself and several other players. Players were apparently angry over how Jon Lester was left in a July 22 game too long and eventually gave up 11 runs against the Toronto Blue Jays. Select players felt as though Valentine embarrassed Lester instead of getting him out of the game.

All of the Red Sox were not at the meeting, but reportedly around 17 were in attendance with Gonzalez and second baseman Dustin Pedroia expressing the most disgust with Valentine. This shows that not only a large part of the club house despises Bobby V., but that the team is in fact as fractured as it was at the end of 2011.

Some support does exist for the manager even though it may not be in the majority. The front office including owner John Henry has come out publicly to give Valentine a vote of confidence.

The strong support many players showed in a clubhouse meeting with former manager Terry Francona a few days later during the New York series was an eye opener as well and a smack in the face to their current manager. Francona was covering the Sunday night game for ESPN.

Red Sox nation has been critical of Valentine from the start. Ever since his named was mentioned as a possible replacement for Terry Francona there have been strong criticisms from the team’s fan base.

Sox fans cannot say that they did not see this coming in what was a questionable hire in the eyes of players and fans. The MLB season is a long one and this definitely holds true in Boston this season. The Red Sox appear to have morphed into the New York Yankees from the late 80’s when the Yanks couldn’t buy success if they tried.

This is certainly not a surprise to many Red Sox fans and people in the media. The writing was on the wall when the Valentine hire was made last year. Boston knew what they were getting when they hired Bobby V. and now they have to deal with the repercussions of it.

There may have been a reason that this guy was out of the MLB for a decade.

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