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Chicago Cubs Will Likely Shut Down Matt Garza

The Chicago Cubs will likely shut Matt Garza down for the year due to that “stress reaction” in his elbow. I guess I’m not surprised, but then again- I am. They called his injury at first “fluid on the triceps” but the fact he hasn’t pitched since July? Of course it’s something more serious. It sounds like the Cubs tried to hide the injury a bit in order to trade Garza to a contending team, which again is not a surprise and borderline un-ethical.

What does this mean? It means Matt Garza WILL be a Chicago Cub next year, until the trade deadline anyway. If he does indeed miss the rest of the year, there is not going to be a team in baseball to give the Cubs the value they seek for Garza. I for one am disappointed, but what can you do sometimes? Guys get hurt, you move on.

Even though I wanted the Cubs to trade Garza, I never wish injury upon anyone. I think the Cubs are doing the right thing here as there really is no reason to risk his health in a season this bad. The Cubs have a ton of work to do, and even though they’re on the right path, you never know what will happen in a few years.

Hopefully Matt Garza can come back healthy at some point this year, but I wouldn’t keep your hopes up.

The Cubs will likely continue to run out mediocre pitching for the rest of the year, so I would imagine it’s going to be a painful end to a painful season.