Melky Cabrera Suspended 50 Games For Positive Testosterone Test

By Riley Schmitt

Melky Cabrera finally had his breakout season and now it is going to cost him.  The San Francisco Giants outfielder has been suspended 50 games for a positive test for testosterone.  If you are unaware about testosterone, it will certainly give you a leg up on your competition.

This is a tough break from the Giants.  They are in the middle of the playoff push and Cabrera is their big bat in the lineup.  Without him, a team that struggles to score runs is going to struggle even more.  They are going to need some amazing pitching down the stretch and that might not even be enough.  That is how bad this suspension is.

This would end up explaining why Cabrera has started to rake later in his career.  People always thought he could be a star and he finally started to break out the last couple of years.  This would certainly help explain where his sudden boost to the top came from.  In baseball these days, you are guilty until proven innocent.  There were whispers about Melky Cabrera but this is the final proof that something was up.

This is a tough thing to see but Cabrera tried to cheat the system and he was caught.  He is going to be gone the rest of the season and this will certainly hurt him in free agency.  Who is going to shell out big bucks for a guy whose big career season came from PED use?  This has a giant buyer beware sticker all over it and it sucks for Cabrera and his future.

Nice to see baseball and its testing program are actually working.  They finally busted a big guy in the middle of a breakout season and it shows that the system will work over time.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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