MLB Rumors: Did Melky Cabrera's Failed Drug Test Come Before The All Star Game?

By Randy Holt

The San Francisco Giants were hit with a big blow on Wednesday with news that Melky Cabrera has been lost for 50 games after failing the league’s substance abuse policy, testing positive for testosterone.

But as an unconfirmed source from Major League Baseball tells it, this has the potential to get a whole lot bigger for the league as a whole.

There have been plenty of reports around the league that the knowledge of Cabrera’s failed test has been floating around for a bit, as it was a major reason why the Giants decided to pursue Hunter Pence at the trade deadline. But his failed test may have come even sooner than that.

According to a source, the failed test came before the All Star break and Cabrera’s huge performance for the National League in the All Star Game. Of course, Cabrera was a major factor in deciding the game and was awarded the game’s MVP.

According to our source, close to the situation, MLB Commissioner Bud Selig, as you might expect, is none too happy about it. In fact, he’s supposedly livid. The test took place weeks ago, but Cabrera was still allowed to play through the appeal process.

There’s no doubt that this could blow back on the league in a very bad way, which is why Selig is so unhappy. When you have someone using performance enhancing drugs, that’s bad enough. But when he’s named MVP of the All Star Game, a game which decides who is awarded home field advantage in the World Series, things have a potential to get very ugly.

This is something that could become very big, so more details are coming. Stay tuned.

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