MLB Insights: Cabrera Should Issue Apology to Baggerly

By Craig Moir

Melky Cabrera, San Francisco Giant and the MVP of the 2012 MLB All-Star Game was suspended for 50 games due to testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs.  The outrage is that about a month ago, rumors were swirling around about Cabrera testing positive for PEDs and a writer followed these rumors and ran with them. The ensuing commotion that Andrew Baggerly, a writer in the CSN-Bay Area, caused was incredible. Baggerly asked Cabrera directly about the rumors, and the All-Star actually blamed Los Angeles Dodgers fans for coming up with the supposed lies.

Baggerly decided to run the story on Twitter and was supposedly asked by the Giants and MLB to apologize to Cabrera for dragging his name in the mud. Talk about karma being a you-know-what.  It would be a disgraceful turn of events if Cabrera was not forced by MLB to apologize to Baggerly. The initial interview was about a month ago and the apology, which you can see here was written on July, 28th.

The sad fact of this whole matter is that Bud Selig, Commissioner of MLB, had to allow Cabrera to start in the All-Star game and then present him with the MVP award being that the appeals process had not been concluded.  So where does baseball go from here?  First, Cabrera needs to step up and be a man past admitting what he had done with using the PEDs.  He needs to apologize for making, what I see as a good reporter, look like a fool.

Andrew Baggerly followed a lead, and although he did not corroborate and find it as fact, sometimes rumors are the first step towards revealing the truth in sports.  I give Baggerly props for doing his diligence and apologizing to Cabrera in writing for not collecting cold, hard facts.  Now it is time for Cabrera to do the same since those facts are now proven as true.


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