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New York Mets Need to Hear the Wright Message

The New York Mets are entering a time in their history where one decision will either forge this MLB franchise ahead, or set them back another four to six years. That decision will be to sign their All-Star third baseman David Wright, or allow him to test the waters in free agency and most likely go elsewhere.  There is always a hitch, though.  It may no longer be only a Mets front office decision.

Wright has made it very clear that he has no problem taking less money to remain a Metropolitan as long as the owners, Fred and Jeff Wilpon, will be steadfast in building the team now.  Let me just make one thing clear for all Mets fans out there that might love this upper hand that Wright believes he has.  Wright is a very good third baseman, playing a career year, who is going to be given the $16million option for 2013 because he has earned it and the Mets need him.  The Wilpons should sign him to a multi-year deal because he is the face of the franchise, but I do not believe that the Mets will invest much more in other areas for the 2013 season.

So how can Wright be given word that the Wilpons will be serious about building the team after that?  It is simple.  The Mets are close to contending now, believe it or not.  You’re talking two outfielders and some bullpen help.  That is it as long as players like 1B Ike Davis, C Josh Thole, 2B Daniel Murphy and OF Lucas Duda become the solid everyday starters that they should become.  Their starting pitching is there, and will hopefully be there for a few years.  The Mets really do have talent in the minors that are a year or two away, or can be used in trade options.

All the Wilpons and Sandy Alderson have to do is go out in 2013 and get one legitimate outfielder not named Jason Bay, and a quality set-up man for the bullpen and all fans will see a difference.  That leaves 2014 as the year where the outfield must be solidified, and Wright will have his winning ballclub. There is no way for the Mets to be able to promise Wright they will have a contender on the field, but at east with that plan, they can show they are working on it.  Many fans may not agree with my assessment of their minor league system, but remember all the “experts” who claimed their system was one of the worst in baseball.

For those experts, I remind everyone that Matt Harvey is now with the Mets.  They also had quite a run with youngsters such as Jordanny Valdespin, Mike Baxter, Josh Edgin and others throughout the first half of 2012.  Also keep in mind players such as Josh Satin, Zach Wheeler, Matt Den Dekker and Juan Lagares are making their way to the majors.  So keep faith, Mets fans.  I know it is difficult, but the future really does look bright, but not beginning until 2014.


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