The Chicago Cubs Should Shut Down Jeff Samardzija

With the Chicago Cubs being dreadful, there’s been talk the Cubs are considering shutting down Jeff Samardzija for the remainder of the year due to his work load. I (for once) agree 100% with this potential happening. Jeff Samardzija has been a reliever for quite some time, and this is the first year he’s had the work load he’s been given. We’ve seen Samardzjia be up and down this year, with his down coming in June while going through a little dead arm.  It makes ZERO sense to continue throwing him in a lost season.

Jeff Samardzija has surprised a lot of people with his progress this year, for the better. He really struggled with command for awhile in the bullpen, and his mechanical tweaks proved wonders for him this year. He lowered his leg kick and stayed square to the plate longer, which allowed his head and eyes to remain on the strike zone. We can just say…he’s quieted his windup. How’s that sound?

With the success Jeff Samardzija has had, it’s not out of the question of him being a consistent 2-3 in the rotation for the next 5-10 years. Why risk his arm? Shut him down Sept 1, and put him on a heavy regime of shoulder strengthening exercises, while strengthening his core staring now. If they do that, he’ll come into spring training guns blazing. It makes all the sense in the world right? Typically I’m a believer in letting the pitcher throw, and if the Cubs were in the race, you’d hear me sing a different tune. Shutting him down is the right move at this point, and I hope the Cubs follow through with that.