Todd Frazier: Lead Candidate for Rookie of the Year

By Jeff Gray

Very few, at the beginning of the year, would have said the name Todd Frazier when talking about the rookie class for the 2012 season.  Not even on his own team, the Cincinnati Reds, was Frazier the player people pointed to as a possible National League Rookie of the Year winner.  Remember, the Reds have Zack Cozart.  Cozart had made a great impression during his limited time with the Reds last season.  Frazier was more of a utility player who would fill in when the regulars needed a day off or someone went on the DL.

Luckily for Todd Frazier, there have been numerous opportunities for him to play everyday because of just those reasons.  What with Scott Rolen and Joey Votto spending quite a bit of time on the DL, Frazier has been able to appear in 91 games.  During the time, he has moved himself to the forefront when considering who is the best rookie in the NL.  I believe that he is the choice for that award as of now.

Here are the rankings for Todd Frazier among NL rookies:
-BA – He is 5th at .283 and improving.
-OBP – He is 3rd at .342.
-SLG – 1st at .536.
-OBS – Given the previous two stats, not surprisingly, Frazier is 2nd with .877.
-RBI – He is 1st with 49.
-HR – Second with 15.
-3B – First with 5.
-2B – 5th with 19.

Frazier has put up these numbers while playing four different positions in the field.  He has logged 54 games at third, 23 at first, 5 in leftfield and 1 as the DH.  It shouldn’t be overlooked that during all those changes, Frazier has only committed 5 errors.  Those numbers are remarkable for anyone, but for a rookie – c’mon…

It is not like much wasn’t expected of Frazier (he was taken in the first round); it’s that with his odd batting stance and, at times, very awkward swings, people just didn’t expect this much this soon.

Now I know that Norichika Aoki is having a great year (and there are a couple of others) and is ranked higher in several categories than is Frazier, but Aoki has played everyday, in the same position and is 30 years old.  He is not a normal rookie.

So, as of right now, Todd Frazier is the leading candidate for Rookie of the Year in the NL.

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