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Davey Johnson At It Again

Davey Johnson will forever be enshrined in New York Mets lore, but his antics continue to annoy Mets fans.

Last night in the Mets 6-4 loss to the Washington Nationals, Davey Johnson had umpires tell Mets starter Johan Santana to cover up the golden spot on the left hander’s glove, the glove that was awarded to Johan Santana and other players as they are awarded the gold glove for being the best fielder at their position.

The hitters didn’t complain, but I was worried that when we got runners on base, that the reflection off that shiny gold thing on there could shine in their eyes because it was hitting me in mine,” Johnson told reporters. “When the lights would hit that thing when he would turn his glove, it would reflect. I went to the umpire, I said, ‘We haven’t had anybody on base, but I wish you’d check that glove, because I don’t think it conforms to the rules.’ It’s supposed to be one color, or similar color, and gold — shiny gold — is not a similar color. You can tell them it’s from me. My players haven’t complained yet. I’m complaining.’  ‘I’ll tell ‘em it’s from the players. (laughs) It’s just little things like that that can bother me.” said Johnson.

This is the second time this week that a New York Mets pitcher has had a complaint, early in the week, Mets pitcher R.A. Dickey had his “friendship bracelets” cut off his glove wrist.

This is also the second time that the National’s skipper requested the umpires take a look at the opposing pitcher’s glove, Johnson had umpires look at Tampa Bay Ray’s pitcher Joel Peralta’s glove on June 20th.