Will Mets Wear First Responder Hats on September 11th?

By Jon Perez

Tuesday, September 11th will mark the eleven year anniversary in which our country fell victim to terrorist attacks.

Eleven years ago, sports were put on hold and pushed back ten days when the first sporting event in New York City took place between the Atlanta Braves and the New York Mets from Shea Stadium.

The Mets paid homage to first responders who were working at ground zero at the time by attaching American flags as well as “NYPD” and “FDNY” to their caps for the remainder of the season.

Last season was the ten year anniversary of the attacks and as the Mets have done every year prior, were supposed to wear the hats. However, at the last second, Joe Torre, VP of Baseball Operations, pulled the plug on the idea.

This year is different, as the Mets will be at home to play the Washington Nationals and haven’t heard any objection from Torre or Commissioner Bud Selig regarding wearing the hats on 9/11.

The game is four weeks away, and the Mets haven’t gotten the okay from the commissioner’s office, something that the commissioner vowed to have address before the 2012 season began.

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