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Alfonso Soriano Likely Won’t Be Traded

Alfonso Soriano is one of the best right handed bats still on the market, and he’s cleared waivers. Unfortunately for the Chicago Cubs, he likely won’t be traded. Why? Several reasons and this likely won’t surprise the biggest Cubs fan but…Soriano kind of has a very big contract that no one wants. Throw in the perception he’s a bad outfielder (not true), and he’s getting up there in age? It’s a tough sell I suppose.

The thing I don’t really undestand is how teams can ignore the year he’s having. Soriano is having a very positive year across the board, and would immediately bring a solid bat to any lineup for the stretch run. The Cubs are willing to eat a lot of cash, and probably aren’t asking for the top prospect back, so I can’t see why there aren’t more MLB Rumors floating around Soriano.

At this point, maybe it doesn’t make sense for the Cubs to give Soriano away. No, here me out. His contract ends soon, and Brett Jackson hasn’t exactly shined since being recalled from AAA. Maybe the Cubs need his bat for 2 more years if there isn’t a better replacement in place. Does that make sense?

If the Chicago Cubs can’t trade Soriano this year, I almost expect him to finish his contract with the team. After all, if he has no value in the middle of a fine season, he doesn’t have value in the winter so Cubs fans should get used to seeing Soriano for a few more seasons…for better or worse right?