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Cincinnati Reds Open Big Series with Philadelphia Phillies

The Cincinnati Reds completed a very successful homestand on Sunday with another dramatic walk-off win against the Chicago Cubs.  They won the series with the Cubs 3 games to 1.  This followed a 2 to 1 games series the Reds won against the New York Mets.  So all total, the Reds finished their homestand at 5-2.  Not bad.  Not bad at all. 

Right now the Cincinnati Reds stand at 74-48 (a win short of the lead in the NL).  They are on their way to take on the Philadelphia Phillies.  They have the best record in baseball since the All-Star Break; however, it must be pointed out that they have done that work on teams that are below .500.  Yes, I know that the Phillies are also below (okay, well below) .500, but it must be noted that they are the Phillies are still a tough out in their own park.  Plus, this series comes right before an important divisional series with the St. Louis Cardinals (who do have a winning record and are the defending World Series Champions).  Sot the opportunity that the Reds will be looking ahead to the Cardinals’ series is a possibility.

There are two major problems that the Cincinnati Reds must address.  First of all is their defense.  At one time the Reds were the best, statistically, defensive teams in the league.  Unfortunately, they have been struggling as of late.  To help make the point, the Reds have committed 10 errors in the last 7 games.  That is an area they must correct.

Secondly, the Cincinnati Reds must still learn to play small ball.  They win if they hit a homerun, but if not, they struggle.  Admittedly they have been doing a little better in that department, but not good enough.  Their runners in scoring position hitting simply must improve.

We will certainly know a lot more about the Cincinnati Reds by the end of the week.  Hopefully, it is positive things with more wins and fewer mistakes.